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October 18, 2022

The impact of music and sport on young people’s overall well-being cannot be overstated. There is a waterfall of evidence that both music and sport have the potential to enhance everything from academic achievement to mental resilience and yet, they are both being stripped from the curriculum.

In 2018, only 3.5% of applicants to the top music conservatoires came from lower socioeconomic areas, and in several London boroughs, not a single young person did A level music.

Camilla was lucky that her talent was spotted early by a music teacher but even with very supportive parents they just didn't have the knowledge of what to do next. For Chris, sport offered him an escape from the devastating loss of his father aged 5. It gave him confidence, social skills, structure and a focus for his energy, noticeably improving his academic achievement and overall happiness.

The Kerslake Robshaw Foundation aims to give as many children as possible the chance to enjoy music and sport through providing access to a network of influential figures and professionals to help guide them on their journey, whether the take part for fun or as a potential career path.

The Foundation is already investing in initiatives to use music and sport to improve recovery from trauma, as well as forming proactive partnerships to open-up the opportunities that music and sport can have on improving young lives. We are very excited to see what the beneficiaries of the KRF will achieve once their full potential is unlocked.

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